divorce paper

Whether or not you win a divorce case in a court of law more often than not depends on the type of divorce attorney you choose. Divorce cases are some of the most complicated cases today, and if you are looking for a divorce lawyer, you should ensure that you pick the best.

Here points to consider before hiring a divorce attorney

Your specific situationfamilylaw

You may want to hire an attorney who is of your gender because he or she will understand you better. Sometimes, an attorney of the opposite gender may be more appropriate. Remember there are general practice and gender specialist divorce attorneys, so pick your choice accordingly. Think of the various aspects of the case such as child support and division of wealth and decide what matters most to you. If you can get an attorney who understands your problem fully, you are halfway through the battle. Be realistic and pick an attorney who will make your wishes his or her commands.


Ask your friends and family for referrals. However, don’t just choose a lawyer because he or she successfully defended your friend in a recent lawsuit. Consider your specific situation and evaluate the suitability of the attorney to your situation. Check both academic and professional qualifications, previous divorce cases handled and legal fees charged.


It is said that it is cheaper to keep her than divorce. Perhaps because of the costs associated with hiring a divorce attorney and the financial implications of the case’s verdict. It is important to consider the cost of hiring a specific attorney. Choose a rate that is friendly to your pocket, but ensures that there is a balance between the cost of hiring the attorney and the quality of the services offered. Your partner may be richer than you, and maybe you cannot afford to hire a lawyer. In some jurisdictions, the court will order your partner to give you a loan to hire an attorney of your choice.

Compatibility with the attorney

You need to be compatible at a personal level with your divorce lawyer. A divorce is a family matter, and you must be free to share everything about your marriage and the divorce with your lawyer for the case to be successful.

Grounds for divorce

familylawrightAre you filing for a fault divorce or a no-fault divorce? Why do you want to separate with your partner? Is it because he or she did something wrong to you or you just want to separate with him or her? It is crucial to get the answers to these questions right so that you will have an idea of the best game plan for your attorney to adopt. You will be lucky if you get an attorney who will subscribe to your game plan fully. Consider mediation before getting a divorce lawyer.

It is most important part of your divorce case is the choice of the divorce attorney. Consider your religion, nationality, gender, race, age and other features that you consider important so that you can pick the right choice. If you don’t pick the right lawyer, nothing else will be alright.